God Sure Keeps My Life Interesting…

I’ve not posted a blog entry in a few days, and here’s the reason why…

Yep, I have a new furbaby…totally unexpected.  Which is the norm for us as most of my furbabies have been unplanned additions.

Here’s how it happened…My boss had three kittens hanging out in her back yard.  The next morning they decided to try and catch them as it seemed they were on their own and were too little to be on their own.  They were actually trying to eat the bird food that had fallen out of a bird feeder.  When boss’s family got up the next morning and decided to catch them they could find only one.  The other two had disappeared.  This kitten was the only one to be found.  Due to daughter’s allergies and a previous bad experience with a cat they decided they couldn’t keep him.  They tried three different no-kill shelters, and they were turned away at each place.  The only alternative was animal control, and in this city even for a healthy kitten animal control is almost a certain death sentence.  This kitten had an upper respiratory infection, and probably would’ve been euthanized on the spot.  So, the sucker I am, I go take a look at the kitten and that was it.  I took him home, spent $161.00 I didn’t have at the Emergency Vet to address his infection issues, and he’s now a member of our family.  He’s quite possibly the sweetest most affectionate kitten I’ve ever seen.  Good healthy food and antibiotics have done wonders for him, and to look at him now you would be hard pressed to tell that just a week ago he was on death’s door…I literally did not think he would survive the trip home with me from the office.  As you can see, he’s no worse for wear now.  We named him “Samson” because of his long hair and the fact that he has to be a strong little individual to have survived what he has.

The last hurdle we have is a feline leukemia/AIDs test he has to pass in order to be integrated with our other cats.  He has this drawn Thursday.  So, hopefully, we’ll hear something by the first of next week.

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