A Much Needed Holiday

I’m going to get back to telling my story soon…honest.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks both at home and at work.  My last post about Samson tells you what we’ve got going on at home.  He’s been a great addition to the household.  I always have a lot of anxiety and second-guessing when we add a new kitty, and while a new kitten is a lot of work both physically and emotionally this one has added a lot of joy because he is so sweet and loving.  Much to our relief he tested negative for feline leukemia/AIDs last week, so we are now introducing him to the rest of the herd.  It’s going well for the most part, but I’m still a little anxious to see how it’s going to affect them all…I’m praying it’s going to be positive for everyone, but I have one little troublemaker, Ginger, who is not so thrilled.  I have honestly thought about adopting her out, but I’m afraid that very few people could tolerate her quirks.  She wants to be an only cat, but it’s not possible in our house.  She absolutely hates Olive with a blue passion, and I don’t know why except for the fact that Olive is female and Ginger wants to be the only female.  She has Olive so terrorized that Olive will only go to certain parts of the house that Ginger allows to be in.  It’s really quite bizarre as I’ve never witnessed this type of intimidation in cats before.  We’ve tried everything to change it including secluding and re-introducing them, but nothing has worked.  I guess that just like some people can’t tolerate each other some cats can’t tolerate each other.  We’re hoping the addition of another male, Samson, will equal out the ratio of male to female and maybe alleviate some the inter-female aggression, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

At work things are getting really hectic.  We have three projects colliding into each other at once and everyone is vying for resources and staff which is creating some tension.  We’re also changing project formats next year, and right now we don’t know how we are going to handle the changes with our existing staff…the whole “do more with less” phenomenon.

So, it was great to get away to Beech Mountain this weekend.  Our kite club participated in the 6th Annual Mile High Kite Festival which was a lot of fun.  Here’s a video of one the activities that went on at the Festival called “The Bowl Races”…always a crowd favorite.

Beech Mountain is at 5,506 feet elevation and it’s a popular year-round destination featuring nice cool weather in the Summer and skiing/sledding in the Winter.  Actually, the field you saw in the video is the sledding hill in the Winter.  If there’s not enough natural snow in the Winter they make snow for the hill just like they do over at the ski resort.  It makes a great kite field for the Festival.

I was not ready to come home…I had just gotten into that relaxed mode when it was time to go, but I’m very thankful for the short getaway.  I really needed it!

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