Crazy Cat Lady

There’s just something about kittens…those tiny little balls of fur, fun, friviolity, and love.  I know everyone is not fond of cats.  There are “dog people” and “cat people”, and to know me you find out very quickly that I’m a cat person.  Actually, I’m an animal person in general, but cats are my passion. Sometimes I wonder if they’re the substitute for the children I’ve never been able to have.  Probably are, but I know that if I had children I’d still have cats.  I actually have a plaque on my foyer wall that says, “Kids are for people who can’t have cats.”  As a joke when we were on vacation this Spring hubby bought me the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure:

He also bought my mom the Lunch Lady Action Figure and lives to tell about it…surprisingly.

Now, don’t the get the wrong idea…I’m not like the crazy cat lady you see on the Simpsons.  I don’t have cats on every shelf or popping out of my hair and pockets.  I have four…the most I’ve ever had at one time was five.  By natural, heartbreaking attrition we were down to three until little Samson came along three weeks ago.

If I’d been able to have kids it wouldn’t matter if the kiddos had allergies to them.  I’d anthistamine them up, and we’d play with the cats all day.  Actually, I’ve learned that children who are born into households with pets develop a natural immunity to the allergens animals produce and rarely ever develop allergies to the types of animals present in the home into which they were born.  So, I tell young people who want to make pets a part of their household to do it before they have kids.  They’ll be doing their future offspring a great favor.  You’ll also get a taste of what it’s like to care for another living creature whose wellbeing is almost soley dependent on your love and care.  While I don’t compare having pets to the awesome responsibility of raising children I must say there are a lot of similarities.

Little Samson (pictured at the top) has brought a lot of love into our house.  He’s just the sweetest, most well-rounded kitten.  He loves to be rambunctious and play up a storm, but then there are times he just wants to cuddle.  I had a hectic, crazy week at work this week, and all I wanted to do Friday night was to come home and watch a movie.  Samson was extra-cuddly last night…like he almost sensed I needed some fluffy kitten therapy.  Holding him I felt such overwhelming peace and comfort that it felt like my heart would burst with love.  I feel this everytime I cuddle any of my cats.  It’s hard to believe that just seven short months ago I was in the midst of grief over losing Samantha.  Taking care of her in her waning months was difficult, and by the time we said goodbye to her in February the pain was almost unbearable.  There were days I’d look at my three remaining cats, and think “I can’t do this three more times.  My heart can’t take it.”  It’s like having children knowing that they will most likely die before you do.  Then, they curl up with you in bed, lick away your tears, turn on that therapeutic purr, and you think, “I can never live without this!”

Then, a little over three weeks ago God sends another kitten my way…a kitten, at first I said, “no” to when I heard of his plight.  “I can’t save them all”, I told myself.  But there was an urgency in my heart I can only attribute to God telling me,  “Take him!  He’s special!  He’s my gift to you to finish the healing process of Samantha’s loss.”  While no animal takes the place of one that has passed on God uses new loves in our life to continue the legacy of love.

Now with that, I think I’ll go cuddle a few cats…


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  1. my mom has the same crazy-cat-lady action figure. it is HYSTERICAL. my parents had 2 cats 2 years ago — a mother and a son. they both died at age 21, a year apart of one another. my mom adored them both. my funny aunt (mom’s sister) has a knack for finding funny things like that action figure. i love that you have one too! so great and SO funny!!!

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