New Brooke Shields VW Commercials

Okay, I know the new VW commercials are done in a mocumentary style and to reach a very obvious target demographic, but they still irritate me.   Brooke Shields is really capitalizing on her much publicized sparring match with Tom Cruise on postpartum depression a few years ago which goes to show that in today’s society any publicity is good cash.  Before this we heard how having healthy teeth is vital to being a good mother (Brooke Shields in Colgate commercials).  Now, the VW Commercials are saying that German engineering is essential in your tot hauler. Good for Brooke, I guess, but I tend to either mute the T.V. or turn the channel when these come on…below is the long version combining many of the 30-second spots that show on T.V.:

One thought on “New Brooke Shields VW Commercials

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  1. I really hate this commercial too because it implies that all women just get pregnant at the drop of a hat, whenever they want to. Oh there’s a minivan i want, POOF! i’m preggers instantly and can get it. And of course its obnoxious because it implies that the van somehow comes with baby. Like the van is a take baby home present or something. And why would someone need a van for one kid? I never got that.
    ok, done ranting, thanks for stateing in your blog post what i was thinking as well.

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