Because for Me It’s Gotta Be Simple…

Well, if you’ve followed me here, thank you! I’m glad you made the trip with me. If this is your first experience with me then…welcome! You’ve come at a good time.

The main reason I moved is because I’m not an internet guru and get extremely frustrated with complicated, time-consuming, html coding. While I like the visual style of WordPress they are kind of snobby over there, and if you don’t have a lot of coding skills…well…you just end up frustrated.

There are some issues at WordPress for which they are Nazi’s about, and I just got tired of being told I couldn’t do certain things with them… so here I am. The interface is basic here, and a preschooler could probably set up a blog here without any trouble, and I’m a girl that’s all about efficiency and simplicity.

As I said in my forwarding post from WordPress it’s going to take a while to transfer my old posts, because I’ll most likely have to do them all manually, but eventually I’ll get the old ones here. If you are new and/or are interested in reading my older posts by all means hop back over there and enjoy. I will eventually delete that blog once I’m done transferring, but I’ll let you know before I do that.

I will keep the hosting of my other blog with WordPress as I paid for the domain. That is the blog where I talk shop and about other things in my life that are not related to the content here.

Love you all…and hope that my words will continue to minister to and entertain you!

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