Ahhh…Christmas is Over!

Really…it wasn’t that bad. It had it’s wonderful and magical moments, but it did have a few painful ones.

Church between Thanksgiving and Christmas was an exercise in torture. It seems that all the families with new babies or grandbabies stood out to me like a neon lights on a dark night. That was the toughest this year for some reason, but I got through it week by week…not without a few tears, but I got through it.

I think the worst thing about Christmas anymore is the anticipation. My mind tends to exaggerate how bad it is going to be, and once it arrives it’s much less horrible than I painted it to be. I was pleasantly surprised by the moments of true Christmas joy. Last night my ten-year-old niece snuggled and hugged on me for a few moments while were watching T.V.. It was pure rapture. I needed to feel the love of a child. Little does she know it was the best Christmas present I received. I need to tell her that.

This morning I’m having a little moment because I’m reading e-mails and blog posts, and nearly every one of them contains a picture of their little darlings in their Christmas garb. They are so sweet, and I think about the harsh fact that I will most likely never post those kind of pictures.

So, I’m going out of a Mexican lunch with my hubby and parents. We’re going to go see the movie, Marley and Me, per the request of my parents. I have a feeling I’ll have a few “moments” in that movie, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet for those you love.

I do it gladly though…thankful for the family I have.

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