Quick Movie Review: Marley and Me

Just a quick review of the movie Marley and Me, because I definitely related to the movie’s content.

Without giving away the plot or totally spoiling anything it definitely evoked feelings in my heart concerning children and animals. To give a quick overview the movie is based on the book, Marley and Me. The author, John Grogan, chronicles life with his dog, Marley. Marley was a gift to his wife per the recommendation of a friend in part to slow his wife’s desire to start a family. John’s wife has her life planned out, and well, we all know that life doesn’t necessarily go according to your plans. Turns out the dog is more than a handful, and life ensues in which there are ups, downs, joys, and heartaches.

By the end of the movie John and his wife realize that sometimes even the most difficult people/animals/situations help mold our lives into something beautiful.

(Warning: vague spoiler ahead)

Be warned though, this movie will evoke strong emotions…especially about loss. If you ever struggled to have a child there is a very emotional and poignant moment about a third of the way into the movie, and then for the last fifteen minutes you better have a box of Kleenex handy both for yourself and the rest of folks sitting on your row in the movie theater.

Let me just say this…the movie made my dad cry, and I’ve seen my dad cry about twice in my whole forty-year life.

It really is a great movie, but don’t see it if you are currently dealing with loss or impending loss. It would be definitely too much for those who are emotionally tender.

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