….and I Think We’re Going to Buy Some Geritol Tomorrow

It’s Friday night, and what am I doing? I’m gathering up what little Christmas items I had out which was mostly Christmas gift bags and getting them ready for the trip up to the attic. I’m also listening to Charlotte air traffic on the handheld scanner I got for Christmas. Last night we were perusing the HAM radio band and enjoyed it immensely.

Well, we had to keep last night sort of low key, because after work we decided to have an impromptu Mexican dinner at a place that uses onions which are grown just this side of hell. This proceeded to cause an all-out gastric reflux episode in my husband because he conveniently forgot that he’s not supposed to lie down after eating Mexican.

In December of 2007 it took a 3:00 a.m. trip to the emergency room to make us realize that for my husband spicy food plus the recumbent position results in excruciating pain and/or puking.

So, to summarize all the above in the last year we skipped our forties and landed somewhere near seventy-five-ville. It may be time to start looking for condos in Florida…


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