Does Becoming a Mom Affect Your Emotions?

I’m a very emotional person…always have been.  Truth is most of us are.  It’s part of being human.  When I say I’m emotional it means I’ve always tended to let my emotions have too much influence over me.  My parents and husband would probably “amen” me on that one.

Sometimes I wonder if I had become a mother would I have grown up…meaning would I have become more stoic in order to not upset my own children?  In other words would I have learned to have more control over my emotions?

It’s hard to know, because I have seen some women who I considered tough ladies turn into emotional cream puffs once they had children.  I’m not talking about the post-partum depression, hormone-induced emotional mess I’m talking about a personality change where they are more easily moved to tears by the plight of others…especially children…since they now love another human being so completely that they see in every person a reflection of their own child?  I guess I can best describe it as they now feel like they are a mother to every child or person in desperate need.

Okay…I got pretty deep there…my apologies.

I mostly see this phenomenon in younger moms.  Fast forward about 15 years and most moms have become “tough moms”.  They’ve weathered the years of teething and toddling, ear infections and broken limbs, and now they are dealing with a saracastic alien child they don’t even know anymore, a.k.a. the common teenager. Boy, if she’s not a tough mom by then she better become one fast!

If I had become a mother at all especially when I planned to become a mother I would be in that stage now.  Would I be the tough mom who knows how to control her emotions and/or use them to evoke an expected outcome, or would I still be the blubbering emotional mess one day and the happy-go-lucky gal the next that I am today?

Who knows, and of course I’m probably over generalizing…I tend to do that, but I wonder about these things sometimes (scratches head).

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