Julie and Julia

I went to see the movie Julie and Julia yesterday.  LOVED IT!   In fact I wrote a big review over at my other blog if you’re interested in reading that.  I did not discuss the childless-not-by-choice aspect of it on that blog, since that is my more public blog. I try to keep all my CNBC “issuahs” over here.   While most of my readers there know I’m childless experience has taught me that I should guard my CNBC thoughts and not cast my pearls before swine…not that my readers are swine…definitely not, but you know what I mean.  Not everybody gets what we go through.

Going in I did not know that Julia Child was CNBC.  So, when the subtle (but extremely poignant) scenes showing her deep pain (childlessness) played out I was completely blown away, and my admiration for her grew immensely.  She was a joyous and headstrong woman, but facing her childless state could bring her to her knees faster than anything.  I mean, she took her cooking setbacks with great stride, but she could see a baby carriage and her countenance would fall like poorly baked souffle.   She made me feel less like a wuss.

The great thing was that she never let it get her down for long.  She focused on the wonderful things in her life…her husband, her love of Paris, and her love of cooking.   She would channel all of her love and energy into those things, and most of all…she SAVORED life.   Here’s the link to the trailer.

So, if you haven’t seen the movie do youself a BIG FAVOR and go.  Even a day later this movie is still on my mind.  I didn’t expect for it to affect me like it did, but it did!

Bon Appetit!

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  1. I finally went to see this movie and loved it! The scene where Julia opened the letter and read about her sister’s pregnancy just hit me in the gut. The scene accurately portrayed how a childless woman feels/reacts to pregnancy news. I didn’t care for the overt political tones in the movie-“a republican would have fired you.” Yeah right-like a democrat never, ever fired anybody??? Overall, a good movie. I might actually buy it when it comes out on dvd.

  2. Barb,

    My sentiments exactly on the CNBC issue and political issues. If you read Julie’s actual blog she is quite the liberal Democrat. I really don’t like the actual Julie as much as I do the movie-Julie.

    She wrote in her current blog concerning the scene where she drops the dessert on the street that she actually scooped it off the street, took it on to work, and told all the Democrats not to eat it and let the Republicans eat it. If she wasn’t joking and actually did that it shows a lot about her character or lack thereof.

    Still, I really enjoyed the story, and I will also buy the movie when it comes out on DVD.

  3. I’m not surprised that Julie Powell is a liberal democrat. Or that she would let someone eat something that was scooped up from off the street because they are republican. You know how tolerant and kind hearted liberals really are, right? Sarcasm, sarcasm.

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