Book Review: The Shack

I recently read the book The Shack and posted my personal review over on my other blog.  Pop over there and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Shack

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  1. Hi, it’s Manda(SP). I read through your blog tonight (I couldn’t stop), and I couldn’t stop thinking about how much my thoughts have run the exact same course yours do. When I got to the blog posting your husband wrote my heart broke and I couldn’t stop crying.. I know that pain. I hope you don’t mind, but I created a blog as well so I could interact on here, and because I think it might be good for me to vent, and keep track of how I’m feeling. Please don’t stop writing, it is so therapeutic for me to know that I’m not alone, and most of all, that the sheer magnitude of my emotions do not make me abnormal. Thank you for your honesty in your blog, and thank you for allowing God to minister to my spirit through you. You’re in my prayers from now on – if you’re ever on our campus, please stop by the mailroom so I can hug your neck.

    1. Hi Manda!
      I am so happy to know that my humble words ministered to you. Please know that God will bless you on your journey. keep in mind that no matter how difficult it gets God has a plan. When I’m at SP again I will definitely come and see you. Please look me up if you are ever in Charlotte.

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