Christmas 2009 at the Sprouse House!

Okay, enough of the depressing “Woe is me” stuff.  There is some “comfort and joy” going on around here.  I decided a few weeks ago that…darn it all…I’m going to do some Christmas decoratin’ come heck or high water!  It doesn’t matter that we’re hardly home around the holidays (spend most of the time 2 hours away with our families) and that we have to put things out of reach of our cats…I was going to decorate at least a little this year, so I did.

Besides we needed to kick ourselves in the pants a little and try to get ourselves out of our Christmas doldrums.  I think I succeeded.  Eddie…maybe not so much.

So, I climbed up into the attic…a feat in and of itself since 1)  I’m afraid of heights and don’t like climbing on ladders, and 2)  I have been deathly afraid of our attic since Eddie fell through the ceiling last year while in the attic.  Now, it wasn’t the attic’s fault.  It was just doing what an attic does, but he learned the hard way that bare sheetrock doesn’t a good support system make.

I pulled out what boxes I could reach.  I must stop here and say that we did not do a Christmas tree per se.  The reasons being 1) We have a kitten yet again this year, and kittens and Christmas trees are a sure-fire recipe for yuletide disaster, AND 2) Our artificial tree is languishing under several heavy boxes in the attic, and I just didn’t have the energy to dig it out and try to get it out of the attic without killing myself.

(What is UP with me and the numbering thing today?)

Besides…we have a perfectly good ornamental Spruce in front of our house that we paid over $100 for several years ago, and gosh darn it…that thing needs to earn it’s keep.  So, it is yet again our Christmas tree, although I will refrain from putting our presents under it since it’s outside, and it seems like Winter is going to be our official monsoon season this year:

Since we’re outside let’s take a look at our entryway shall we?


There’s actually something spectacular here…I made the wreath a few years ago, and if you knew of my total lack of craftiness skills you’d understand why it’s such an accomplishment.  Probably wouldn’t make it into the pages of Southern Living, but it ain’t bad.

Well, I actually did decorate inside the house.  Let’s go in shall we?

Aren’t these just the cutest little signs?!  My brother’s girlfriend gave them to me Thanksgiving, and they’re hanging in my foyer (or foy-yeah if your all French and fancy).

This wreath is also in our foyer.  I just love the iciness of it.  It reminds me of the beauty of an ice storm (minus the power outages).  I’ll probably leave it up all Winter, because it’s loveliness goes beyond just Christmas.

Let’s move along into the living room…

Okay, I’m no interior decorator, but there’s nothing like a decorated mantle at Christmas.  If you have a mantle and you don’t have the time or energy to do anything else then decorate your mantle.  It does wonders!  I left my Willow Tree figurines there, because Willow Tree figurines are pretty much all-season don’t you think?  We won’t go into the semi-creepy fact that they don’t have actual faces, but they’re still romantic and pretty enough for Christmas.  See those little oil lamps on each end?  Yes, they actually work!  I found them at the Dollar Tree several years ago, and you guessed it…they only cost me a $1.00 a piece!!!  The tightwad and the Laura Ingalls in me were giddy simultaneously!

And the snowmen?  Well, I think I told somebody one time that I like snowmen…I mean, who doesn’t?  But I think the whole world heard me say it, because I have gotten nothing but snowmen-themed gifts since?  Really, a happy misunderstanding, because they are as cute as the dickens.  I just better never make the mistake of saying I like snakes or lizards or something.

This is a wreath I found a few years ago at the Big Lots.  It’s funky and fun…sort of like me.

Okay…we move into the Dining room/my husband’s work area.  I say that because he’s been working on refinishing our stairway for like sweet forever, and the dining room table might as well be a carpenter’s bench as it’s seen more construction supplies than it’s seen food in the last several months…but I digress.  So, pardon the mess to see that we have a cute little ceramic tree…which for most years has been our indoor Christmas tree, because like I said above…we’re crazy cat people…so on and so on.  The lighted wreath is one of my favorite things.  My mother-in-law grew tired of it several years ago and gave it to me.  It matches my decor perfectly with all the earthy colors it contains (I’m an ardent fan of the color “cranberry”).  I love to turn off the lights in the dining room and bask in it’s warm light since, again, we don’t do the Christmas tree thang usually.  It do have a bowl full of Christmas ornaments which I found at the Dollar Tree for…you guessed it…a dollar for pack of five ornaments!

Oh…look at you, you little snowman cutie!  I know, I want it to snow too, but it looks like we’re just going to have to make do with 40-degree cold rain.  You just hang there on my downstairs bathroom door and keep up your positive thoughts.

Anyhoo…it’s not much, but it’s what I’ve got.  I do have a few more little things around the house like a clothes-hanger tinsel tree in my husband’s man cave, and a cute little wreath Christmas card holder that I didn’t get a picture made of because I was too lazy.  I promise the years we have stayed home for Christmas (and invited family in) we go all out, but this year we’re doing good to put out what we have.  Christmas is still fun.  Oh, how I wish I had some little ones to share all this with, but me and the hubby and the cats will enjoy it all the same!

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2009 at the Sprouse House!

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  1. The Christmas decor looks great. We haven’t decorated for Christmas in a long time. People probably think we’re scrooges. Want to come decorate my house? I love the cranberry red wall. What room is that in?

    1. Hi Barb,

      I totally understand. There have been several years where I just did not have the physical or emotional energy to do anything. I’ll have to pass on decorating your house, because after doing my Christmas shopping yesterday I’m on holiday overload! My cranberry colored wall is my “feature wall” in my living room that extends around to my foyer. The rest of living room is a muted gold.

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