“The Office” or Should it be Retitled “The Nursery”


I really like the show The Office, but I have to say that this season…for obvious reasons….has bugged me while intermittently entertaining me.  Jim and Pam found themselves pregnant (before they were married, of course), and all season we’ve had to endure Jim and Pam’s pregnancy.  Why the writers felt compelled to rush a baby into the picture is a mystery to me.   Jim and Pam’s characters were cute in earlier seasons, and I really enjoyed the story of their romance, but after getting married I feel their cuteness and genuineness has morphed into an annoying we-are-so-much-better-than-other-people-because-we’re-the-first-people-to-ever-have-a-baby syndrome.  Let’s be honest, we’ve all met people who acted like their first child was the only child ever born, and the writers have sure given Pam and Jim that complex this season.


This week was the episode where Jim and Pam had their baby (requiring a full hour’s episode, of course).  In the usual “Office” style there are lots of awkward moments…such as Pam trying to wait until midnight to go to the hospital so she can score an extra night’s stay in the hospital (annoying), to Michael walking unannounced into the delivery room (we all knew he was going to do that), and exiting with a terrified look on his face announcing that he must go “wash his eyes out”, and “That baby’s going to have lots of hair” (which was probably the funniest moment in the whole show).

I thought that maybe there would be some sort of closure on the pregnancy thing, but nooooo…  Now Dwight and Angela are penning some sort of weird agreement where Angela will carry Dwight’s child.

Can there not be ONE TV SHOW that doesn’t get dominated by babies!?   It seems that every show that I come to like ends up being taken over by people procreating.  The King of Queens last season (2007) really bugged me because the writers decided that the only way Carrie and Doug would be happy in the long run was to have children.  They adopted AND became pregnant in the last episode.  The defining thing about the King of Queens was they were a couple without children.  There was a miscarriage in one of the earlier seasons, but after that kids were not mentioned again, seriously, until the last season.  It’s been nearly 3 years since that final season, and I’m still bugged about how it ended.  I had just about come to terms with it until I saw that stupid last show again in syndication last week, and it fired me up again.

My husband says I need counseling, and he’s probably right since I get fired up about STUPID TV SHOWS… but the Hollywood obsession over all things baby is really getting on MY LAST NERVE!

Anybody else feel that way or am I just being too touchy?

Walking away to take some good cleansing breaths….

3 thoughts on ““The Office” or Should it be Retitled “The Nursery”

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  1. I totally agree with everything you wrote here! I’m a big fan of The Office (and The King of Queens). It does bother me in TV, movies, and books how the desire always seems to be ending a story with a nice, neat little bow… the couple gets a baby, sometimes two!

    It’s not that I don’t like happy endings. I do. But must every story we follow come to the exact same ending? There are lots of different happy endings in life, and I think it’s nice to see more of them explored.

    Sorry for the frustration it causes! Sometimes you just want to kick back and watch some TV without it becoming an episode of “A Baby Story.”

  2. It’s not just you. And it’s not just TV. I threw down the second book of the Twilight series when my friend revealed (spoiler alert again) that the vampire and former human, both now damned to all eternity, get married, have a little (presumably also damned) baby, and all live happily ever after. And, cue vomit. Blach!

    1. I’ve had so many people try to get me to read the Twilight series. First of all, I’m not into the vampire thing, and after hearing this I’m definitely not going to read it.

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