Ah, Springtime…and it Couldn’t Come Soon Enough!

Spring has sprung, and it sure feels good.  The winter has been a long arduous one on many levels, and if you’ve read my posts in the last 3-4 months you  probably were thinking I needed to be a padded cell with about 20 sunlight lamps, because the SAD hit me in a big way this year.  I think even my normally upbeat hubby came down with a moderate case of SAD, and that’s a testament to just how harsh winter has been this year.

Life is still full of challenges…right now a lot of financial ones, but we keep plugging along everyday.  We dealt with death and birth this week as hubby’s uncle B died on Sunday (got the message right in the middle of church), and the next day this uncle’s only child (a son) had their second baby.  Talk about emotional lows and highs for one person and the family!  Even the “high” of a new baby, as usual, had it’s moments of being a “low” for me, but what else is new?   I’ve come to accept that it will always hurt a little and try to cope the best I can.   Tomorrow we travel up to the mountains for Uncle B’s funeral.   His death has hit my hubby especially hard as he really loved his Uncle B.

Right now I’m trying to learn to ride the waves of my emotions instead of letting the waves crash down upon me.  Some days I do well, and some days…well, I don’t do so well, but I’m making progress.  I’ve been reading a lot about Emotional Intelligence which teaches you how to feel your emotions without being carried away by them.  In a nutshell you learn that you will always have emotions…some of us are more prone to stronger emotions than others due to our personality, chemistry,  life experiences etc.; however, Emotional Intelligence (or EQ)  is learning how to identify these emotions for what they are and realizing that you’re not going to always feel that way, and sometimes your emotions lie to you.   You also learn how to use your emotions for something productive instead of getting carried away by them.

Springtime is  definitely helping with this as it has afforded me the chance for more outside exposure and exercise which some experts say is a better treatment for anxiety and depression than drugs as studies have shown that exercise raises the level of your “feel good” hormones.   I know when I stay inside too long I start getting very claustrophobic to the point of anxiety, and getting outside is the perfect therapy.  I feel free and unencumbered outside, and anxiety dissipates quickly with a brisk walk or just puttering around in the yard.

I appreciate all the kind and supportive comments to my blog posts over the last several weeks.  Your encouragement means so much to me. I’m sorry that I haven’t responded personally to most of you, but my schedule has been very busy.  Please know that I read and appreciate every one!

Now go outside and soak up that fresh air and sunshine!

One thought on “Ah, Springtime…and it Couldn’t Come Soon Enough!

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  1. Spring is such a great time for new beginnings and fresh outlooks. I’m so glad that things are looking up for you!

    Very sorry to read of the loss of your husband’s uncle.

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