Funerals, Hospitals, Gangrenous Gallbladders…You Know, Everyday Stuff.

To say we’ve had a whirlwind week would be a big understatement.  One week ago this evening (Sat.) my husband had emergency surgery.  It’s a tale of suffering and woe best kept somewhat shorter by an outline:

Early Thursday Evening: We leave Charlotte bound for Brevard to attend my husband’s Uncle B’s funeral on Friday.  As we hit the Interstate hubby says he doesn’t want to eat much because he felt that his lunch hasn’t digested well.  This doesn’t cause me great alarm, because hubby has been dealing with on and off abdominal pain and indigestion for a couple of years now.  Tests had been normal to inclusive, although a severe episode three weeks ago had prompted us to ask hubby’s doctor about more testing at his next appointment.

Mid Thursday Evening: We stop at a truck stop to fuel up.  There is a McDonald’s attached to it.  So we opt for one of their small cheeseburgers.  We split a small fry.

An hour later: Hubby complains of back pain that quickly radiates around to his upper abdomen…uh oh!  Now we know he’s having “a spell” as we’ve come to refer to them.  We’re still 45 minutes out from Brevard.

45 minutes later: We’re at Walgreens in Brevard buying Mylanta hoping that this time it’s just severe indigestion.

An hour later: We’re at my parents’ house, but it’s obvious that this episode is much more sinister than the ones before.  Hubby pleads with me to take him to the ER, and after nearly driving off the side of the bank at my parents’ house due to my nerves I manage to get hubby to the local ER.

The ensuing 5 hours: Hubby is given serious doses of Morphine and Demerol and has an abdominal CT scan which is read as negative.  After five hours the pain subsides somewhat, and he’s discharged from the ER.

Friday Morning: After about 3 and a half hours sleep my hubby gets up to go eat breakfast with his father.  His father will bury his brother on this day.

Friday Afternoon: Uncle B’s brief funeral happens.  We drive back to Uncle B’s house to receive friends and have a family meal.  Hubby complains of being sore in his abdomen, and we leave early so he can lie down.

Friday Evening: Hubby takes one of the Percocet that he was given by the ER and retires for the evening.  He’s still not feeling right.

Saturday Morning: My mother awakens me and tells me that hubby is lying on her living room couch in pain and in a cold sweat.

Later Saturday Morning: Return to the ER.  ER doctor greets us and tells us that he knows exactly what is wrong with hubby…his gallbladder.  Evidently, the radiologist who did the official read on his abdominal CT had called that morning to say that he saw something going on in his gallbladder.

Saturday Afternoon: Hubby is admitted to the hospital for pain control and is told he will have surgery on Sunday to remove his gallbladder.

Later Saturday Afternoon: Hubby’s condition rapidly deteriorates.  The pain cannot be controlled.  The surgeon elects for emergency surgery.   Family members and friends numbering around 15 wait with me in the OR waiting room.  It’s a blessing that this is happening in our hometown instead of Charlotte.   The presence of family and friends comforts me greatly while we wait.

Saturday Evening: Hubby has his gallbladder removed.  Surgeon reports to me that it was gangrenous and probably only hours from rupture; however, he was able to safely remove it laparoscopically which will make his recovery much easier.

Saturday thru Tuesday: Hubby remains in the hospital a little longer expected due to respiratory and heart rate issues but is finally allowed to go home on Tuesday afternoon.   It was not an easy ride for him back to Charlotte, but it’s good to be home.

Wednesday: Hubby develops an upper respiratory infection which slows down his recovery a good bit.

Thursday thru Saturday (Today): Hubby is still slowly recovering.  I will return to work on Monday, but it’s looking like hubby will need some more recovery time due to the respiratory infection.

So, that’s our last nine days in a very large nutshell.  It’s been challenging, but I’m very blessed and fortunate that we’ve come this far.  I really don’t want to see the hospital bill, but it has been worth every penny to get hubby out of his pain and back to health.  I’m trusting in God to supply everything else.  We won’t be celebrating Easter at church tomorrow which is a little sad, but we will be celebrating Christ’s resurrection at home, and the fact that hubby is still here and slowly regaining his health.

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  1. Wow… that’s quite a week indeed! I am so relieved that your husband’s problem was finally diagnosed and corrected. What a blessing to have been surrounded by family! Hoping he will be fully recovered soon. Hope you two enjoyed your Easter at home together.

  2. It sounds like you husband was very lucky that his gallbladder problem was caught in time. Praying for him as he recovers.

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