Random, Disjointed Thoughts on a Saturday Afternoon

It’s Saturday, and I feel like blogging yet I don’t feel like blogging.  I have a lot on my mind but my thoughts aren’t cohesive.  The great thing about blogging is that thoughts don’t have to be cohesive.   So here are some of my feelings, observations, and musings on this day:

  • Went to see the movie “Date Night” with my husband last night and laughed my butt off.  The combination of Tina Fey and Steve Carrell was as comedic as I could have imagined.  They had great chemistry on screen.  I was also quite thrilled by the shirtless appearance of Mark Wahlberg in the film…not his strongest acting role, but his pecs more than made up for it  *wink, wink*.
  • Aunt Flo is making one of her rare appearances right now, and she brought her friends, Hormonal Firestorm, and Relentless Cramps.  It has made for a basically non-productive two days.  If there is an upside to my PCOS/POF it’s that I don’t have to endure this hot mess every month.
  • “Hot Mess” is one of my favorite phrases nowadays (thank-you Niecy Nash)
  • I love my DVR.  I hate that I pay Dish Network a $100.00 per month, but I love my DVR.  Eddie and I are thinking of taking a TV sabbatical this summer (canceling the Dish) for financial and spiritual reasons, but right now I don’t want to think about it.   Please…don’t make me think about it.
  • I’m all about some Beverly Lewis Amish novels right now.  I want to be Amish…without the strict Ordnung, lack of  electricity, or head coverings.  Oh, and I’d still want to be able to wear make-up, blow-dry my hair, have access to the internet, and have A/C.  Other than that I want to be Amish.
  • The male midlife crisis thing is real…IT’S VERY REAL!  My sisters…if you have a husband approaching the big 4-0 stock up on Kevlar and and a Sam’s Club/Costco pallet of Kleenex.  Kevlar to deflect all the emotional shrapnel that will come flying your way, and Kleenex to wipe the tears that come when you realize (or he just outright states) that he would rather spend more time with his [insert diversion here] than you.  Also, a prescription for Valium might be a good idea…for you and for him.  To get through this time in his life comfort yourself by the realization that he’s going to get endure your menopause in a few years  *evil laugh.*
  • I’ve decided that I like my cats much more than I like kids.  Call it a coping mechanism or whatever, but when I go the Wal-Marts and listen to a kid shrieking his head off the whole time I’m in the store I’m so glad to come home to my cats’ sweet little mews and meows.

Well, that’s about it.  I’m sure there’s more swirling around in my noggin, but that’s all I’ll inflict on you today.

One thought on “Random, Disjointed Thoughts on a Saturday Afternoon

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  1. Love this post and love seeing this side of you! 🙂 I have to give you a virtual high-five on a few things: Date Night – hilarious! Shirtless Mark Wahlberg – yummy. DVR – awesome!

    And thanks for the warning… my husband will be 35 this year. I’ll enjoy it while I can! lol

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