A Sad, Disturbing Yet Eye-Opening News Story

Well,  early this morning I was perusing my Google reader when I come across this CNN News article which made me stop in my tracks.  Here is an excerpt.

Fertility issues were at the center of former TV chef Juan-Carlos Cruz’s motivation in the alleged murder-for-hire plot to kill his wife, according to sources close to the couple.The former host of the Food Network’s “Calorie Commando” was charged Monday with attempted murder and solicitation of murder for allegedly trying to hire homeless men to kill his wife.

Two sources close the couple, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter, said their 20-year struggle to have a child overwhelmed them.

After spending a lot of money on unsuccessful fertility treatments, Cruz’s wife, Jennifer Campbell, was “very depressed and talked about suicide,” one source said.

The sources suggested she may have wanted to end her life but that as a devout Roman Catholic, she believed suicide was a sin.

The failure to have a successful pregnancy was “pretty overwhelming thing in their lives,” the second source said.

The source closest to Campbell said she still loves her husband despite his arrest. The source would not comment on whether she was aware of the alleged planning before his arrest.

The source closest to Cruz, 48, said he was “nothing but a loving and devoted husband.”

I was floored!  I’m sure more will come to light in this case, and there may be more to the story, but HOW SAD!

It really shines a light on the plight of the childless and what the grief, isolation desperation can do to people mentally and emotionally.  It’s also a sad testament to how the church (as a whole–not just the Catholic church) fails the childless by declaring that having children is the pinnacle of existence.  I am just so sad for them and will keep Juan and Jennifer in my prayers.

I’m also praying that some good will come from this.  I’m hoping that  it will raise awareness of the plight and struggles of the childless not by choice.

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  1. This is stunning… and yet, not surprising. It’s easy for anyone who hasn’t dealt with infertility to be shocked by this news, but anyone who has been through it knows all too well the levels of insanity that can be reached. Most of of us don’t go this far, but we’ve all hit our personal rock-bottom at some point.

  2. I’m going back and reading some older posts. 🙂

    This reminds me of a wedding my husband and I recently attended. It was Catholic, and the priest kept sprinkling them with holy water, saying “it’s a sign of fertility.” Lots of things on the service about having kids, and raising them properly. There was ONE mention of “if” God sends them your way, but otherwise, it seemed very assumed that they would have kids, and lots of them, thanks to the “fertility” water. I just kind of rolled my eyes. I know it’s supposed to be a positive day, but all I could think of was “what if they can’t have kids? How will you feel about all this pressure you put on them today?” I’m sure I was the only one that thought this, because the fertility thing was mentioned all night as this hilarious thing that the priest did. Again, I just rolled my eyes.

    Sorry, I think I might be a rambler too. 😉

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