A Few Thoughts Before Memorial Day Weekend..

I like the bullet point post I did a couple of weeks ago so much I’m going to do it again.  It keeps me from rambling on and on about subjects that deserve only a sentence or two.  I’m a rambler in both oral and written communication…think of Ellen Degeneres only more rambly and not as funny.  Be thankful when I bullet point.  It’s a good thing.  My boss has recently emphasized my need to bullet point.   I wear him out with long e-mails.

But look at me…now I’m rambling about rambling and bullet points…geez…I may need therapy for my rambling among other things:

  • I’m super-excited to meet in person one of my CNBC website friends, Susan, this weekend!  The more we share the more we find we have in common.  I’m going to try and take a picture of us, and with her permission post it here and on CNBC under “Good News”.  I hope I don’t scare her away with my rambling.  I’ve lost more friends that way…stupid rambling.
  • I’m dealing with a family member who uses her kids as a weapon with the rest of the family.  I think people who use their kids as a weapon to manipulate others (the grandparents, aunts, uncles, ex-spouses) are the lowest of the low.  If this person happens to read my blog  they will immediately know I’m talking about them.  I don’t care.  Let me give them a big hint…it doesn’t work with me.  You’re only hurting your children and their relationship with us, and you are the one that needs to seriously grow up and act your age.
  • It  is a holiday weekend.  For the childless-not-by-choice any holiday can dredge up at least a little bit of pain since in our culture holidays are all about family events.  Memorial day is not a red alert holiday for us, but there can  be little land mines along the way…especially if you have to interact with family members who are not so sensitive.  There’s at least one in every family…and if you’re lucky there’s only one.
  • In that vain I want to honor all of our veteran’s and active service men and women…especially those who are serving in active battle zones around the world.  I watched the film The Hurt Locker last weekend, and it reminded me to pray for our servicemen and women around the world.  Their sacrifices are so great with some giving the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  SALUTE!

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