Saturday Procrastination

Okay, I’m blogging because I’m procrastinating. Feel free to stop reading now…

I’m also blogging because it’s Saturday and it feels like everyone is out having fun, and I’m stuck here with the compulsive need to vacuum and mop my floors.  I don’t really want to, but it’s been two weeks’ since I’ve cleaned my floors.  I’m embarrassed to admit that because with five cats vacuuming the floors frequently is paramount.  If it doesn’t get done you start tripping over hair tumbleweeds, and for the allergy prone, like me, your start clawing your eyes out because of the dander.

The truth is I hate vacuuming this two-story house.  I have a Rainbow Vacuum, and while it is a wonderful machine for those who have allergies and/or pets it’s the heaviest vacuum in the world!  It’s a good work-out for me, but, oh my, is that mother bulky!

So, I sit here feeling sorry for myself, typing instead of vacuuming.  I’ll get to it.  I’m a Myers-Briggs personality type ISTJ I cannot shirk responsibility for long.  I’m a “work before play” type of person even though I hate that trait about myself.  My husband is opposite.  He could play with the house falling down around his feet.  Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes I feel like I’m a slave to duty, and I’m jealous of his ability to let go and play.

I also sit here thinking about my mother’s newly diagnosed leukemia.  She was staged this week, and the good news is she is stage 0-1 meaning that while her bloodwork shows that she definitely has this type of leukemia it is still in the earliest stage.  She’s also not showing many symptoms…just a couple of small lymph nodes, and a few minor symptoms.  I am grateful, but knowing for sure is sobering.

Saturday sometimes is a depressing day for me, because I end up being alone if we aren’t traveling.  My hubby has numerous friends and hobbies while almost all my peers are mothers with their own lives and the activities of their children to keep them busy.  Most of my childless friends are via internet which is great. Fifteen years ago I wouldn’t even have had them, but nothing beats the face to face interaction, activity, and sharing of face-to-face friends.

Oh well, if I think about it too long I’ll just end up having a Saturday pity party (can’t count the number of those I’ve had over the years), and it’s never productive.  So I’m getting it off my chest via my blog, and I’m going to move on  to washing bedsheets, changing litter boxes, and….ugh…vacuuming.

As Calvin says, “Arrrggh!”

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