My Furchildren–Ginger

My cats hate my blog.  They get quite unhappy when I’m typing and walk around my monitor and my desk trying to get my attention.  One of them is at this moment staring into my face, meowing, and now he’s sneaking onto my lap, and working himself into a position where I will be rendered unable to type.

Hold on a minute…

I’m back…had to move the painfully kneading obstacle off my lap.  He needs his claws trimmed.

My cats have replaced children in my life.  Some people would consider it sad, but really, it’s anything but.  They are such a good outlet for my nurturing side.  No, they’ll never replace the hole childlessness has left behind, but on my deepest, darkest days they have always brought a smile to my face.  All of them are rescues, so we’ve provided a much-needed home which makes the joy double.

So, to pay them back for the many hours I’ve spent blogging, Facebooking, and Google reader-ing I’ve decided to let them share their stories with you.  These stories may not happen sequentially or in their age/hierarchy order.  They will tell their story as they feel inspired.  First up…is Ginger who is the epitome of catitude and demanded to be the first to tell her story:

“Hi, I’m Ginger.  Actually, I feel as if I should have been given a less common name.  Mariah or Diana would’ve suited me better, but whatever…sometimes you have to appease the commoners.  See, I’m sure I descended from pure-bred royal lines.  Somewhere along the way my ancestors got sidetracked.

I didn’t start out as pampered cat.  I had to work myself up to where I am now.  Much to my shame, my mother was quite wild.  I don’t remember much from those days, but I do remember that because of my mother’s fears or my fears I ended up on the exhaust system of a car.  The next thing I know I’m barreling down the highway under this car, and my feet started getting quite hot.  So hot in fact when the car finally stopped I jumped off of that blistering exhaust system.  The next thing I know I’m sitting right smack dab in the middle of a busy intersection.  Cars were everywhere.  Fortunately, my now well-trained humans came to my rescue.  My man-human jumped out of his car…which fortunately was right behind the car I jumped from…and scooped me off the roadway.  He told me later that he thought I was a baby squirrel or a rabbit (because I was covered in oily dirt, but once he got up to me he realized I was a very tiny 5 to 6-week-old kitten (I’m still quite petite to this day by the way).  They tried to catch up to the car I jumped from to see if they were supposed to be my humans, but they lost track of the car.  Fortunately, they were near a great pet store so they ran in and got a cardboard carrier.  They were about two hours’ from their home, and I was scared, dirty, and hissing at them.  I didn’t understand then that they were friendly and wanted to help me.  It took me a few weeks to realize these humans were alright.

They thought about finding me another home, but after much deliberation they decided (or rather I decided) that I could stay with them.  It was not an easy adjustment.  I had many, what they call “feral tendencies”.  My experiences as a young kitten caused me to be afraid of many things.  My mom had taught me how to be a wild cat like her–how to be territorial, to fight for what I wanted or needed, and not to trust humans easily.

Hey, I’m a girl who knows what she likes and I doesn’t like, and I will not hesitate to tell you about it.  I especially DO NOT LIKE strong smelling things.  I will recoil if you spray perfume near me, or try to put something smelly on me.  I smell just fine, thank you.  I have delicate sensibilities.

Do you know what my female-human did this weekend?   She changed the brand of litter I’ve used for years!!   Well, I let her know that I did not like it even though she mixed a little of the old in with the new.  That didn’t fool me one minute!  I held it in for hours until I was rolling on the floor in misery.  Still, I would not let her win!  A little while later that sexy man-human who I love so much came in an coaxed me to use the litter box.  How could I say “no” to that hunk?  So, I used the litter box to make him happy.   He’s dreamy.  I flirt with him all the time.  I’m still pouting to my female-human though, but she’s not backing down.  I guess I’ll have to use the new litter whether I like it or not.  I wish they would quit changing things on me!  I like things to stay the same.  Any little change in my environment literally rocks my world!

I also DO NOT LIKE other female cats.  I am of the opinion that I should be the only female in my colony.  I will not tolerate other women, and I let them know in no uncertain terms that I will not tolerate them in my presence.  I did tolerate my elder, Samantha, for four years, because she was here before me, and poor thing, she was old.  I cut her some slack.  We definitely were not friends even though I’ll admit I was a little sad when she passed away.  I also loved that handsome Abyssinian who was here before any of us.  He was a heart-throb.  I flirted with him too (I really love men of the human and feline species).  I was really sad when he passed away three years ago.

Well, back to the point…my humans had the gall to bring two other female cats into the house since my arrival.  I grudgingly tolerated them when they were kittens, but when they got to be a year old I felt they had to GO!  I would stalk and attack them viciously.  I would also leave markings on the rugs downstairs to tell them to stay out of my territory.    One of them even started living under the couch in the bonus room to escape  from me.  When the second girl came along I did the same thing.  I needed my own territory, and those women needed to stay out of it.

Well, my humans came up with a solution.  They decided that they would give me my own territory.  I now live most of my time in their bedroom.  The humans were worried at first that I would feel too cooped up, but they open the blinds to the window of this second-story bedroom everyday, and I can see the whole cul-de-sac, and from the bathroom window I can see the side yard where a lot of rabbits, squirrels and birds visit everyday.  I’m happier than I’ve been in years!    At night when all of the other cats go to their bedroom I get free reign of the house for 7 to 8 hours.  How cool is that?!  I am queen of my domain!

As gratitude to my humans…I have throw them a bone or two every once in a while because they do buy my food…I give them lots of love.  I’m much more easy going, because now I have my own turf and don’t have to worry about other pesky females horning in on my territory.

So, life is good for this diva at the moment…unless they try changing my litter  again…

PEOPLE!  You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.

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