My Girl-Crush on Sarah Palin

Okay, I know I have blog readers from all sides of the political spectrum, so to say I like Sarah Palin will turn some of you off this post in the first sentence, but please hear me out.  My adoration of  Sarah is more psychological/emotional than it is political.  I’m of the opinion that politics is not going to cure the problems of our country but will only make them worse.  My political viewpoint swerves more towards libertarian even though I’m what most would describe as conservative.  My view in a nutshell is the less the government is all up in my bid-ness (or anyone else’s) the better.

So, with that disclaimer the question remains, why would a childless woman like me be enamored with Sarah Palin, a self-appointed “Mama Grizzly bear”?

Bear with me as I think out loud here…

I watched several episodes of her new show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” the other night and kept asking myself why I  tend to live vicariously through other strong women, especially ones that are mothers.  I guess even though on one hand it reminds me of everything I don’t have I love learning about the lives of strong women who seem to have it all.

I guess don’t consider myself a strong woman even though I’m not a complete shrinking violet either.  When I read I tend to lean towards novels/biographies with strong female characters, especially frontier women.  No matter your opinion of her  Sarah is definitely a modern-day frontier woman.  She’s just at home cleaning fish slime off of a boat deck as she was in the governor’s mansion.  She can bring home the Caribou and fry it up in a pan, “but never, ever let you forget you’re a man.”

You get the point.

She is an every-woman, and while 60s and 70s-era feminists rail at the use of “feminist” to describe her she truly is a well-rounded poster child of true feminism (very much minus the dictated liberal-leaning political credentials that mysteriously got attributed to the definition of “feminism”).

Alaskan women are certainly their own breed.  A few years ago we had an intern where I work who hailed from Alaska. She could’ve been Sarah Jr.  She was one of six children who grew up in a remote part of Alaska and had to take a plane just to get to school (way cool to an aviation nut like me).  She hunts, fishes, and every summer as a teenager she worked on a fishing boat.  The last note we got from her included a picture of her working on one of the “Deadliest Catch” boats, and she’s not even twenty-one…and SHE’S A GIRL!  She was truly an enigmatic blend of toughness and sweetness.  One minute she was talking about fashion and the next about her hunting trophies.

She is more woman in her 20-year-old pinky finger than I am in my whole 42-year-old body.

But back to Sarah…I admire that Sarah doesn’t seem to let the haters get her down.  She lives her life on her own terms and isn’t swayed easily by all of the hullabaloo (both real and drummed up) that swirls around her.  She has true grit that many a woman could learn a lesson from.

In a nutshell Sarah is almost everything I’m not, and I’m seriously envious of her super powers.

Am I of the belief that she would make a good president?  I don’t know.  I think she would find Washington politics a lot different than Alaskan politics.    Endless frivolous litigation caused her to have to give up governorship of Alaska in order to keep from going bankrupt.  That would be child’s play compared to the talons of the  inside-the-beltway crowd.   Time will tell whether she’s up for a run or not.

Whether you love her or hate her one thing’s for sure  Sarah gives all women a reason to aim higher and not let anyone tell us what we can or cannot achieve… in heels or in Carharts.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! I love Sarah Palin. I like her drive. She is strong, independent and has many skills. I think the biggest reason I like her is I hunt and I fish too. Not to the extent she does however. She’s a tough mama! I can be seen almost everyday in jeans and a t-shirt, and when I’m working I throw on my boots and my carhartt coat. I’m not afraid to work and I’m not afraid to get dirty, something I think I have in common with Sarah Palin. I know so many women that won’t pick up sticks in the yard or scoop snow, or check the oil in their cars, their husbands do it all. They are so dependent on their husbands for everything. Sarah on the other hand, she seems like she’ll try anything.

    I’m republican, but that doesn’t mean I think Sarah would make a good president either. As a person, Sarah is great, she is very patriotic, she is a loving mother, devoted wife, and a hard worker. I personally think she is better off staying out of Washington. There are just too many haters, I would hate to see her ripped to shreds.

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