Not Your Typical New Year’s Day Blog Post

It’s New Year’s Day, and while everyone is posting blog posts about what they accomplished in 2010 or what they hope to accomplish in 2011 I’m kind of like,

“Meh, who cares?”

I used to be a resolutions type of person.  I’ve always believed in goals, and quite honestly should find some again, but right now I’m hyped on sinus medication, and thinking about goals just makes me want to….


Sorry…that’s just how I have felt the last few days.  I’ve come down with some sort of cold or sinus malady (I think I have my husband to thank for this), and it’s seriously put a damper on the remaining days of my Christmas vacation.  Couple that with an anxiety-filled trip to my hometown for “the holidays” that was filled with snowstorms, getting stuck on a hillside in our  SUV with bad tires, family drama, a trip to the ER for our youngest nephew, a trip home from rehab for our oldest nephew, and possibly becoming a great-aunt this week (the DNA tests are still out on that one) and you have a recipe for a very crazy me.

Oh…did I forget to mention the insomnia?

The whole vacation has just had a bizarre, surreal feel for me.  It sort of felt like “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and “One Few Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” all rolled into one.  You all (and my husband) will be happy to know that before I started writing this post I re-ordered a three-month continuous supply of my sanity medication a.k.a. “Prometrium.”  If you remember (or did I dream I wrote that post) I had to make a call to my GYN for an emergency supply until I could order a 3-month supply (on my previous prescription) starting in 2011.  Well, he did write me a prescription, but it was only for 10 DAYS!  Seriously, this guy did not read my chart to see that the physician I saw last year recommended a daily dose of Prometrium (my main physician was on sabbatical last year when I had my yearly).  I’m going to see my main physician in late January, and if he does not continue the daily Prometrium then he and I are going to have a serious word of prayer about the future of our relationship.

Anyway, the 10-day supply only got me through the 26th, but I didn’t even get the benefits of the last two days of it because I LEFT IT AT HOME like an idiot when packing for my trip.

So, needless to say, I’m an anxiety-filled basket case right now.  The sinus medication has only amplified that x 1,000.   My husband even reiterated his previous statements of my need for therapy yesterday, and he’s probably right, but the thought of trying to find a therapist makes me feel like crawling back into bed and curling into the fetal position…if I could ONLY SLEEP!

Well, anyway, I don’t have very many lofty goals for 2011 other than achieving psychological and hormonal balance.   That seems daunting enough at the moment.

I also wanted to write a blog post under the influence of sinus medication, so I’ve met my first goal of the year.  That’s something…..right?  RIGHT?!


2 thoughts on “Not Your Typical New Year’s Day Blog Post

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  1. LOL Vicki, your blog made me smile and laugh a little. What a crazy holiday it has been for you! But I am so glad that you were with family. Our time with family was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 hours during ALL the holidays…makes for a very lonely time. So glad you are my friend though. 🙂

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