A Whole Bunch of Random Crotchedyness

Warning:  I’m in a little bit of a foul mood today.

Ever just been in a funk for no reason…I mean, when you honestly cannot pinpoint what is bothering you?  Its been a rough couple of weeks physically and stress-wise for me, and I guess its just caught up with me.  About a week and a half ago I suffered The Attack of the Sinus Infection Thing from the Black Lagoon which after it had its way with me finally deposited me at Urgent Care last Saturday, and in the midst of it all work stress has been at level 10+.

My funks used to be 90% caused by infertility/childlessness, but in the last few months I look at parents (especially of young children) and I almost pity them.  I mean, maybe I’m just being over-dramatic, but doesn’t it seem like the world is going to heck in a hand basket at warp speed?  Example:   The other night my husband pointed out the fact that two of the  top ten songs on the Top 40 pop charts contain the F-word in the title.  Now, pop music has not been as pure as the driven snow in many years if ever, but the F-word in a song title?  Is that really necessary?  Hasn’t the F-word kind of run it’s course?  I mean any 15-month-old with a monosyllabic vocabulary could utter it.   Is that what it takes to sell a song nowadays?   Shows how far we’ve fallen in the music and art world.   Would you really want to be raising children in this culture where anything goes, and the F-bomb is dropped more often than good grammar?  Not me, but maybe mamaw here needs to put on a thong and lighten up a little…

On a slightly related note,  I think more and more people are getting tired the our country’s over-hyped baby craze.  One of my FB friends said that last night she was watching Kathy Griffin’s comedy show entitled “50 and Not Pregnant”.   Reading title alone just about made me spew green tea onto my computer screen.   It’s playing on Bravo, but evidently, I don’t get Bravo on my satellite lineup.  I’m not a Kathy Griffin fan by any stretch of the imagination, but the title alone made me want to watch it.   I’m also hearing that there is starting to be a backlash against “mommy bloggers” in the cyberworld…especially the ones who think they are the best moms ever, and that their kids are nothing less than geniuses in the making.   I don’t exactly condone making fun of any blogger cause I am one,  and I actually read and enjoy some mommy blogs (witty moms who don’t take themselves too seriously and actually have a life outside of their children).  But some folks, particularly moms who think mothering is “the most important job in the world” , who quit their careers to be a full-time mom only find out they can’t live happily without constant attention from the world,  start a blog and brag incessantly about their lives and children.  Don’t get me wrong…you should be proud of your family, but sometimes it gets nauseating when people think they’re the only ones who ever popped out a baby and think their children all poop gold.

Anyhoo…not much more to say than that.  Laundry calls, the bathrooms must be cleaned, and there’s a pillow in the washing machine that morphed from a cloud-like state into a 50lb-boulder with the addition of water and is reeking a whole bunch of havoc in the rinse cycle, so I will say adieu and pray that upon our next encounter I’ll be in a better mood.


2 thoughts on “A Whole Bunch of Random Crotchedyness

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    Hey, I hope you’re out of the funk soon, but lucky for us your funk = amusing words, even if a bit caustic, to say the least. The 50lb boulder had me the rest of the way off my seat. Thanks for the laughs this evening. Cheers.

  2. I totally agree on the music stuff. It freaks me out to raise kids in this generation if I am ever so lucky. That’s why I always tell Nate that my kids will think I am SO mean and restrictive…I won’t be like other parents in most ways.
    But your post made me smile! Even though you’re in a funk you still write amusing blogs!!! 🙂

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