Infertility Awareness Month

April is infertility awareness month, and I’m so heartened by the fact that so many of us have come out of our isolation and given voice to what it means to be infertile.   For YEARS I suffered alone feeling that I was the only one who felt the way I did…the only one whose infertility affected every aspect of their life.

Truth is I wasn’t alone.  I’m not crazy, and the things I have experienced are felt universally among infertile women.  The video below by Keiko Zoll floored me.  It expressed EVERY emotion I’ve had in the last 21 years.   Keiko, thank you for this beautiful piece, and thank you for being an outspoken advocate for the infertile:

*Soapbox on*

I do have to offer an aside to the insurance-coverage aspect.  I do not hold the view that insurance companies are the villain in the IF business or that insurance companies should be legally mandated to cover infertility costs.  I believe the infertility business and we as a country are to blame.  We allow the infertility business (and they are a business first and foremost) to prey on our pain by paying the exorbitant prices they charge for services that probably do not cost them 25% of what they charge.  It’s one of the main reasons I jumped off the IF treatment crazy train.

Healthcare in this country is broken in my opinion by so much governmental regulation.  I believe If we allowed competition to rule the day in healthcare prices overall would become more affordable.  Same goes for the infertility business.  If we refused to have our pocketbooks raped by this predatory business then they would either bring their costs down or get out of the business altogether.  In the end I believe with more private control the  infertility business would become “medicine” again, and in the process would become more ethical and affordable.

*Soapbox off*



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  1. We went through all of this trying, and I completely agree with your soapbox. Sorry, I don’t know you, just wanted to let you know that I agree with you and we had/have infertility problems. We (my wife and I) are the lucky ones though….

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