On My Own…

Well, we’re almost two weeks into the new living situation…he in Wilmington and I in Charlotte.  To say things are a little surreal is a big understatement.  To recap from my last post and to get any newcomers up to speed:  My husband took a new job with an international wireless communications company, but the bad news is it’s not in the current town where we reside.  He has moved into a temporary housing situation there while I remain in our home and at my job until we see how things pan out with his new job.

Again, being apart is not a situation he and I desired at all, but we felt at the same time this was a good career move for him.  He hopes to be able to transfer back to Charlotte within 6 months to a year, but there is also a possibility we will pull up roots and move to Wilmington.  While it would be wonderful to live on the coast…something my husband has always dreamed of…it’s not practical for a whole lot of reasons…the job market (for me), the real estate market, the fact that we have five cats to move, and the distance from our families.

So, our world is kind of upside down at the moment.  It’s just strange.  In one way for me life goes on as usual.  Same routine, same job, but the big difference is my hubby is  not home at the end of the day with me.  He did come home last weekend as an early birthday surprise for me because early in the summer he had gotten Weird Al Yankovic concert tickets for us (We are big Al fans).  So, it was good end to a week chock full of loneliness.

I know it’s a bigger challenge for my husband, because he’s living in someone else’s house, he’s in a new area, he’s in a new job, and he’s also without his spouse of twenty-one years.  That’s a lot of adjustment, and he’s had a few down days; however, today he told me he feels like he’s settling in a bit.  While I am happy that he’s adjusting I have fought the fear that maybe he’ll like it there without me.  I know that’s an irrational fear,  as he’s stated multiple times that he’s missed me bunches (and I him), but it’s one of the little nagging emotions I have from time to time.

He will be back in Charlotte for two weeks for corporate systems training starting next Tuesday, so he’ll get to be at home which is good and bad.  Good, because he’ll be here, but bad because once he goes back to Wilmington we’ll have to settle in for the long haul, especially through the holidays.  Being in retail sales will mean lots of work over the holidays and very little time off.  That will be the first big test of our endurance.

For me I’m going to have to juggle the holidays between the Western part of the state (my parents), our home in the middle part of the state, and the Eastern part of the state where the Hubster is.  There is almost a 7-hour driving distance between the extreme points.

Lord, help me…

Anyway, I’m really  trying to take things one day at a time; because if I try to think beyond that anxiety begins to rear it’s ugly head.  I’m also trying my best to think of this as one big adventure that will lead to better things for our family of two plus five cats.

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