The Commuter Marriage is Over

Yes, the short-lived commuter marriage is over.  The long-term, abide-in-the-same-house marriage is alive and well.

Hubby resigned his position with the international wireless company this week.  The work-related separation from me and family was just too much to handle.  God worked many a miracle this week.  He is returning to his former position here at the non-profit Christian organization (where I also work), but that position has been modified to be something that will probably suit his skill-set much better.  He is being “reinstated” instead of “rehired” which means he retains all his seniority and his vacation accrual rate.  It was just amazing how it all worked out.  He wanted to come back, and they wanted him back no questions asked.   We’re both grateful.

The wireless company was great about all of this too.  They were willing to try and find him a position closer to home if he would stay, but hubby had already made up his mind that he was going back to his former employer.  He left the wireless company in good standing, and the issues leading to the decision were more personal than professional.  He was doing well there and was already a valued employee.

To put it loosely in my husband’s words sometimes you have to step outside of what you know to realize that what you had was really where you ought to be.  Through this I’ve also realized that what truly makes our house a home is for him to be there, and that even though we don’t have children we are a family in every sense of the word…smaller than most, but truly a family.

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  1. “sometimes you have to step outside of what you know to realize that what you had was really where you ought to be.”

    Never a truer thing spoken. I feel the same way about not being having to have children. Turns out my awful childless existence was actually pretty good after all.

    Kudos to you both for weathering another difficult patch and coming through it together. 🙂

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