The Promise…


This is the time of year…especially when the Winter has been long and cold…it feels like Spring will never come.  The landscape is gray and brown; the lingering snow piles are a dingy black, and the flora and fauna seem so dormant that a stranger to this world would actually declare them dead.

But if you slow down, look closely and pay close attention you will see the telltale signs that things are not really as they seem. The evergreen that is never fazed. Winter weeds that withstand even the harshest cold temps and the crocus…the small yet glorious promise from God that no matter how cold and long the Winter the Earth will bloom again.

I believe nature is a beautiful allegory of how God works in our lives and the promise that He is always creating new and beautiful things in our lives no matter how dead things may seem.


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  1. Indeed, these are some of the many reasons why I love Spring! It was a lovely first day of the season here in Texas and a great day for a walk. Just getting caught up on your blog. So glad you are writing again, even about the hard stuff. God bless you.

  2. I love Spring, too, always have. It’s my favourite season. But despite my growing dislike of the Winter cold, I think Winter is beautiful in a different way. The sun hitting golden stalks of yesteryear, against the blinding white moguls in the fields, with a backdrop of browns and grays littering otherwise white mountains – this is also beauty to me. Even seeing the litterlike brown chunks of previously turned, plowed, and harvested fields of manured farmland, dotting the snow like moonrocks, is a really neat sight that is lost once the green of Spring emerges and the white fades into the trickling streams of nourishment.

    Indeed, Spring is a wonderful allegory of God’s Promise, but all seasons are showcases of His work in our lives. Of course, it’s easier to appreciate when you’re peering out from the elemental protection of a home or car!

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